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Tips for applicants

Impress with good preparation.

Are you interested in a career at FRANKI? Excellent. In order to make our meeting optimal, we have summarised a few application tips for you.

Your application documents are your business card.

You will not get a second chance to make a good first impression. You may know this saying. The first impression is especially crucial in applications. For this reason we recommend: Invest time in your application documents. Think about how you can communicate your knowledge and skills well. Explain why you would like work for us and what you want to contribute to FRANKI. 

Summarise this information in a personal motivation letter and CV. Supplement these documents with all relevant certificates. We expect certificates of your highest school degree and your last employer, if you were already working.
Here are a few key points to keep in mind when preparing your documents:

Your cover letter.

Do you want to arouse our interest? Then you should formulate this letter in an engaging way and pay attention to the following points:>

  • Please tell us what you are interested in and what you would like to say about the enrichment you would bring to the FRANKI team. If you are applying speculatively, let us know in which area, at which location and why you would like to work at FRANKI.
  • Please address your letter directly to the contact person listed in the advertisement.
  • Enter your full address. Important: Please do not forget to provide your e-mail address and a telephone number at which we can reach you easily during the day.

Your CV.

Ideally, your CV will allow us to quickly orient and assess your past career. This is best achieved by considering the following aspects:

The formal criteria.

  • Choose a clear, well-structured form of presentation.
  • Use meaningful keywords and avoid detailed texts.
  • Do not forget to indicate your specific professional activities with precise time information: Please provide dates to the month, so that we can understand the duration of your employment.
  • You can send us a picture of yourself if you like. Ideally, provide a record that shows how we would experience you in your professional life. 

How to make the content of your CV meaningful.

Talk is cheap, as we all know. That’s why we recommend that you present yourself as accurately as possible and give a realistic assessment of your skills. Exaggerations usually come to light during the interview and cause frustration on both sides. Your CV should contain the following content:

  • Personal data
  • Education
  • Professional experience and/or work experience placements, student jobs
  • Any periods spent working/studying abroad
  • Additional skills and qualifications
  • Foreign languages
  • IT skills
  • Other activities (e.g. volunteer work etc.)
  • Sport/hobbies
  • Place/date

We hope you have found these tips useful and wish you every success with your next application.

Having a stress-free interview.

Your application has piqued our interest and we would like to meet you in person. We want to learn more about your education, your professional career and your interests. Take this opportunity to present yourself and your individual advantages in an authentic way.

Be well-prepared for the interview. Read through the profile of the job you are applying for carefully and think about why you are the ideal person to fill the position. Learn about our company from our website and jot down any questions you may have. You will benefit from this twice over: you will see that the situation is much less stressful, at the same time as showing us that you are really interested in working for FRANKI. 

Four things you should think about before your interview with us:

Your motivation:

  • Why have you applied to us?
  • What appealed to you in particular about this concrete position?
  • What do you know about FRANKI?


Your professional vision and goals:

  • Which challenges have you already conquered successfully?
  • What are your professional goals – in the long and short term?


The way you see yourself:

  • How would you describe yourself?
  • What are your strengths?
  • Where do you see potential for improvement?


The questions you want to ask us:

  • Do you want to know more about FRANKI or the position advertised? The interview with us is the perfect opportunity for this.